Palamos‘ Fishing Museum and the fish space

Thanks to the visit to the museum we will be able to get to know the situation of the fishing work nowadays. An audiovisual projection and the visit to the various museum rooms will help us find out the great variety of fish species that we can find on the area, the Catalan coast or the sea-related jobs. Also, the museum offers the chance to visit the fish space, where we will be able to see the daily auction at the fish market and, if we wish to, have a small fish sampling (5 euros with the sampling, 1,50 without it). Other interesting activities are the cooking tasting (15 euros) and the fish cooking workshops (20 euros). The visits are individually or for groups, you need to previously book for the visit with sampling and for the cooking tasting or the workshops offered. Until mid-June, the visits and activities can be done only on Friday or Saturday.