Visit Marc and Anna’s workshop. The handicrafts, sculpture and ceramics workshop is known all around Catalonia for its “Caganer” figurines. The origins of the “Caganer” are not completely figured out but it was towards the end of the XVIII century that it permanently became a part of the Catalan Christmas’ nativities. It’s a figurine that gives the ironic or satirical counterpoint to the traditional Christmas’ nativity. The ceramists from Estartit have become well known because they have adapted the character to famous personalities: football players, actors and actresses, singers, politicians, no one can get away! The visit is only for groups, 10 people minimum, it can be done in different languages. Price: 4 euros for the regular visit, which includes the chance to make your own figurine, or you can also pay 8 euros and it includes one of their “Caganers” (they usually cost 12 euros). We recommend you reserve in advance, if you want you can do it in the reception.