Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres

The Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres has the most complete collection of creations from the artist that describes his trajectory, from his first artistic experiences and his surrealistic creations, until the masterpieces from his last years alive.

Salvador Dalí decided, at the beginning of the 60s, to build his museum taking advantage of the Figueres Theatre ruins. Until its opening in 1974, Dalí took part in the construction to the smallest detail.

That’s why we need to remark the creations from the artist made specifically for the building, as well as some works from other authors that Dalí wanted to include as an homage.

The Museum has three spaces (all of them included with the ticket) that allow a personal path on your own along its rooms:

1- The original Theatre-Museum, built into the structure of the old Figueres Theatre remodelled by Dalí. The entire space is a unique artistic masterpiece in which each element is a stand out from the whole.

2- The group of rooms, a result of subsequent extensions, Dalí didn’t personally intervene on them. They include creations from the artist’s legacy as well as new acquisitions from the Foundation.

3- The Dalí-Jewels exposition rooms, they present 37 gold and precious stones jewels from the old Owen Cheatham collection, 2 jewels made afterwards and 27 drawings and paintings on paper that Salvador Dali used to design the pieces.

The visit is on your own and has a price of 15 euros (special price of 11 euros for students and retired people; groups of more than 25 people must reserve in advance and will pay 11 euros per person; it’s free for children younger than 8 years old)