Museum of the Anchovy and Salt in l’Escala

Opened in 2006, the Museum of the Anchovy and Salt is in charge of recovering and spreading the cultural heritage of l’Escala, especially the fishing and salting tradition. The visit to the museum starts with a 12 minute audiovisual (available in different languages) with images ranging from 1926 up until today and that narrates the importance of fishing and salting in l’Escala. Once you’ve seen the video, the museum has five rooms that compose a thematic and chronological trip around the fishing tradition in l’Escala, each room is devoted to a theme:

1- The Salt: It explains the origins and texture of the different types of salt, as well as its importance in food and the popular imaginary.

2- Fishing in sardiners: it explains the origins of the sardiners fishing on the 15th century. You can also admire a restored boat.

3- Spider web fishing: It introduces the spider web fishing at the beginning of the 20th century and it’s evolution until today.

4- The auction or fish charm: shows how the sale and transport of fish was done and how the auction works.

5- The making of brine: We are introduced to the salting process starting with the antiquity in Empuries until the brine factories from nowadays in l’Escala, together with the demonstration of an old briner with all the salting process.

The visit is on your own and it costs 4 euros (2 euro for pensioners, students and groups of more than 10 people, free for children under 12 years old).