Sant Ferran Castle

The Water Cathedral is the name of the guided tour around the Sant Ferran Castle in Figueres, a military fortress from the XVIII century. It’s a huge turtle-shape building in a big space, about 64 football fields. Its walls are 20 metres wide, which makes it the biggest monument in Catalonia


During the visit you will be told about the difference between a fortress and a castle and you will discover the story about the building and the influence that it had on the area. You will also visit the cisterns below the garrison with a small boat and you will see the counter-mines built to stop the enemies’ approach. The tour is made aboard a Land Rover given the extension of the place.

The price for the tour is 15 euros and you need to make a prior booking. If you wish to book a visit, you can do it at the campsite’s reception. To book a guided tour in languages different from Catalan or Spanish, we recommend you to try and make a group of people, the visits can be made in English, French and German.
Important: the visit is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia or with mobility problems. You need to wear comfortable shoes and they should be easy to take off (you’ll have to take them off when you get on the boat).
Distance from the campsite: 40,4 km
Approximate time to get there: 45 minutes