• Until what time can I check-in?
    Reception opens from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. in low season, and from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. in high season; you can check in until we close the reception. If you arrive later you can make a provisional check-in until 23:30h (you will need to confirm the check-in the next day in the morning, before noon).
  • Do you accept animals?
    Only in the plots, in the bungalows they are not allowed. The person responsible of the animal needs to have the vaccines certificate. All the animals always on leash and can not be alone in the campsite.
  • What is the distance from the campsite to the beach?
    1 km
  • And to the village of l’Estartit?
    1 km
  • Can I make barbecues?
    Yes, but only using charcoal, in your plot and paying attention to the wind strength. You can’t do it on the floor. The campsite doesn’t have any barbecues to rent.
  • Is there a minimal age to go to the campsite?
    It’s essential that at least one of the costumers in one plot is older than 18 years old.
  • Is it possible to rent a fridge?
    There is a company that can give you this service, you can find all the information in their website: www.rentit.es
  • Is there a bicycle rent service?
    Yes, next to the reception we have some bicycles with different accessories like children’s chairs, and also small bikes for the children. You can see the prices in: Rent a bike
  • The campsite has a swimming pool?
    Yes, the campsite has a semi-Olympic swimming pool and also a small one, ideal for children.
  • Does the campsite have some children’s animation?
    In high season there is Tinet-Club, a space where the children can do different activities and games. The minimum age is 4 years old. In low season we have some activities during the weekend.
  • Does the campsite have a nursery?
    No, the campsite doesn’t have this service.


  • Is there a maximum number of persons allowed for one plot?
    Yes, the maximum is five persons per plot
  • Can I book a place with shadow?
    The Campsite doesn’t have a lot of trees or has zones with young trees, so we can’t assure a place with shadow.
  • And a specific plot?
    No, we don’t reserve a specific plot, but we always try to respect the costumer’s preferences.


  • At what time can I arrive and at what time do I have to leave the bungalow?
    The bungalow will be available at 15:00, but you can arrive to the campsite at 9 o’clock and enjoy all the services of the campsite. The day that you check-out, the bungalow has to be free before 11h.
  • Are animals allowed in the bungalows?
    They are not allowed.
  • Which equipment do the bungalows have?
    All the bungalows have sheets and the basic cooking utensils but don’t have towels.
  • Can we put a tent beside?
    No, never.
  • Do you have cribs for babies?
    We have some of them to lend to the costumers with previous reservation (we don’t have the sheets for it). We also have children’s chairs.
  • Can we reserve a specific bungalow?
    No, but we always try to respect the costumer’s preferences.
  • Do the bungalows have cleaning service?
    No, the costumer has to do it by himself.
  • When do we have to pay our bill?
    You have to pay everything on the arrival day, and also pay a deposit of 50 euros in cash that we will return you the day of departure after we check the bungalow. The booking is personal and untransferable.